Services - Hehuan Mountain Stargazing Service


journey time

  • Departure: PM6:30~7:30 depending on the season.
  • Return: Return to the accommodation at 11 PM.

When ordering the add-on service on the website, the village will ask if it is possible on the day of check-in. If the trip cannot be made, the full amount of the event will be refunded on the same day.
During the holiday period, the inquiry will be made one week in advance.

Full-time professional narrator tour guide, commemorative photo, equipped with advanced safety nine-seater van
Tour fee $850/person


Services - Hehuan Mountain Sunrise Viewing Service

      journey time 

  • ​Summer: 03:30AM ~ 08:00AM
  • Winter: 04:30AM ~ 08:00AM

Morning Call: Twenty minutes before departure.
According to the weather conditions and sunrise time of the day, we will inform you whether the itinerary of the day is available at the morning call.


Full professional narrator tour guide, equipped with advanced safety nine-seater van
You can make an appointment and register with the counter service staff before 6:00 pm the day before watching the sunrise, or make an additional reservation directly on the official website. The itinerary fee is $ 550 / person


Services - Taichung HSR/Taichung Railway Station Shuttle Service

Fee (one way):

  • High Speed Rail Taichung Station: $ 500 / person
  • Taichung Railway Station: $ 550 / person

Pick up time:
Make an appointment in advance, and the time can only be confirmed after the transfer itinerary is confirmed.

This service must be reserved by calling at the time of booking, and the cash settlement must be paid to the counter staff at the time of check-in
When booking, please inform the place and date you want to take the bus. The journey will take about one and a half to two hours depending on traffic conditions.