The notices of taking a pet with you.

The notices you need to know.

  • Only accessible on the weekdays and specific room type.

  • If you need to take the pets with you, please call us on 0912878538 or join our Line official 加入我們的LINE@官方帳號 ID: 830errwp

  • In case of too many people booked the room, it is just available for taking the "small dog below 5 kg".

  • The pet pee needs to clean immediately.

  • The pet cannot slide on the bed, it need to hold in your arms when you go through the lobby. Control the pet volume, please do not bother other guests.

  • If you did not ask the specific room for the pet before a day you check in, we apologize that we need to reject the pet to go in to the room. 

If you have any questions, welcome to ask our reception, Giethoorn Village expects your coming.